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Rua das Flores, 6A, Telheiro
7200-181 Monsaraz
Alentejo, Portugal

Telf. +351 266 557 471
email. tiago(@)sem-fim.com
GPS. 38.454563, -7.38116



Art Gallery

    Born in Rotterdam, Holland, he studied interior architecture and furniture design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam, where he got a degree in Sculpture in 1976. He has lived and worked in Monsaraz since 1980.
    ‘I studied fine arts in the 1970s, I am a product of a change in the art world where (almost) everything became possible, opening new paths where the frontiers between all sorts of disciplines of artistic expression were founded and then confounded. “To paint or to sculpt is to speak of the emotions but keep the words in a box of silence.”
    In 1994 he bought the Olive Oil Factory in Telheiro, where he conceived of and became the owner of the Restaurant Sem Fim since 1997, and where he also shows his work in a permanent exhibition in the Gallery of the Casa das Tulhas (House if the Olive bins).
    He currently has exhibitions in: the Stedelik Museum in Schiedam, the Ceramic Cultural Centre in Rotterdam, the APN Bank in Rotterdam, the Jade gallery in Rotterdam, the Gallery Alma, the Gallery Barata, the Gallery Trema, the Monsaraz Museu Aberto, the Cultural Centre of S. Lourenço, Espaço Oikos, Hotel Alfa in Lisbon, Secil Maceira-Liz. He has works in the Municipality of Rotterdam, Tortline in Amsterdam, Hotel Troia, the Art Centre in Sines. He has works in private collections in Portugal, Holland, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Japan and UK.
    What does a sculptor/sailor do when he turns up in a place full of stones and a promised reservoir? Well, he stayed, he integrated with the people and the land, he became a Holantejano. His house is the point of departure for this journey without end, where he work and creates pieces inspired by the land, from Sculpture to Painting, from sewing seeds to boats and motor-bikes.